Valuable Resources for People Who Work From Home

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Working from home means taking on responsibility. You must be organized, efficient, and a self-starter to make a successful work-from-home career. Here you will find a list of valuable resources that can be used to help you be more productive.

These have been broken up into 3 important categories for the work-at-home professional: finding work/clients, organization and time management, and communication.

Finding Work and/or Clients

Without a job or people to work for, you aren’t really working from home. So, here are some key resources you can employ to help find the right work for you:

This is a great resource for freelancers to find legitimate opportunities. You can find job postings for categories ranging from IT to consulting, to article writing, to administrative assistant, to sales. It is free for a basic account with the option to upgrade.

The administrators of this site monitor closely for fraud and make sure all freelancers and employers play by the rules.

You will be required to enter personal information to verify that you are a real person and to be able to receive payments from the people you work for.

This is another great resource that also has multiple job listings in various work-from-home categories. The approach is to match the top skills of those searching for jobs with the skills required for available work.

Again, this is a professional site that is monitored closely and requires personal information to begin accepting and receiving job offers. It is also free for a basic membership with the option to upgrade.

Organization and Time Management

Being organized and using your time efficiently is a key element of working-from-home. Never misplace a paper or miss a deadline again by using these tools.


This is really a blank slate. You can use it to manage projects, create to-do lists, or a multitude of other organizational tasks. It works for you individually or when collaborating with others.

It works by first creating boards. In each board, you can create lists and then add cards to each list. You can customize all of them with deadlines and details and share them with anyone else who has access to the Trello board.

It is free to use for most features, but has the option to upgrade. There is also an app that functions almost exactly the same as the computer version, so you can have your lists on the go.


LastPass is a password keeper. It automatically prompts you to save your account information when you sign into anything for the first time. It is free to use and allows you to share access to your accounts to other people without allowing them to see the password. If you work with a group, this is an awesome feature.

It does not have a very easy to use mobile version. So, if you work often using your phone, this may not be for you.


Acuity is an online scheduler where you can set your availability and business hours. Others can see your information via a link you provide and choose an open slot to make an appointment with you. It helps you manage multiple appointments, conferences, and phone calls.

Since it is web-based, you can have your updated calendar everywhere and, most of the time, other people are putting the information in for you.

Communication Tools

When you work from home, clear communication is a necessity. Here are a few tools that can eliminate the flood of emails and make your life a bit easier.


This is instant messaging on steroids. You can set up accounts for every person involved in a project and communicate as a group or individually. You can send text, documents, pictures, etc. The major bonus of this tool is that everything is centrally located in one place and you can search important terms to find important information.

Instead of important emails getting buried under junk mail in your inbox, you know where to look for the information from the people you are working with.


There are many post scheduling tools out there, but Buffer is simple to use and free for a certain amount of social media accounts. After that, it’s only $10 a month to upgrade. Very straightforward and gets the job done. If you use social media in your work, Buffer is a must.

What’s the Point?

Technology makes working from home much easier than it used to be. Don’t waste time trying to reinvent the wheel. The point is to streamline your business and become more efficient through the use of some of these and other tools.

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