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If you are anything like most people, you spend much of your time on the Internet. If you could turn that time into money, wouldn’t you want to? Being an online chat representative is a great way to make that happen.

If you are anything like most people, you spend much of your time on the Internet. If you could turn that time into money, wouldn’t you want to? Being an online chat representative is a great way to make that happen.

New Take on the Call Center

We have all spent time on the phone with a call center representative. Those experiences are slowly but surely transitioning into online encounters with chat representatives. While there is a growing demand for chat reps, it is likely that you will be working with or for a company that offers both online chat and call center services. With this information in mind, keep your options open when applying for jobs in this field.

About Becoming an Online Chat Rep

According to, being an online chat representative earns anywhere between $10 and $20 per hour with the median wage being $14 per hour. Simply Hired took the proposed salary on any job that had “chat support” in the listing and calculated an average salary of $55,000.

This salary, of course, will vary widely depending on the company, the exact job title, and the location. Here is a little more information about what it is really like to work as a chat rep for a reputable company.

There are two different options when considering a job as an online chat rep.

Customer Service

Reps that work in customer service will be the people to field online chat requests where customers need help in areas like billing, service interruptions, technical problems, issues with the website, etc.

You will be trained to:

  • troubleshoot technological issues
  • deal with angry customers
  • access, assess, and adjust customer bills
  • report service interruptions
  • reset passwords
  • transfer or cancel services
  • update account information
  • increase customer satisfaction


The other option for chat representatives is to be a sales representative. Unlike a traditional sales job, people are coming to you. They are calling in or requesting a chat for more information about products and services. You will work with people to open accounts or add on existing services.

You will be trained to:

  • inform potential customers about products and promotions
  • create accounts
  • make the up-sale
  • overcome customer objections
  • set up installations

Job Requirements

There is little experience required to become an online chat representative for a company, but like any job, there will be some requirements for those who plan to work in this type of role.

Complete Training

Almost all customer service and/or sales jobs will require some amount of preliminary training. There is usually a required period before you are allowed to work on your own and sometimes must take place before you can even make a commission or bonuses.

Technological Skills

For an online chat representative, technological skills are a non-negotiable. One-hundred percent of your work will be done over the internet. So, knowing how to troubleshoot technological issues and operate whatever system the company may use is imperative.

Command of Language

The main part of the job description for an online chat representative is that you must be able to communicate in written language. So, command of the language is important. In some cases, being bilingual may be helpful, but not required.

A Set Schedule

A job as a chat representative is going to be less flexible than many other work-from-home options. Call center and chat jobs tend to have an actual schedule that employees are expected to work since the center keeps specific business hours. They must be sure they have enough representatives available to handle the work-load. As you look for chat jobs, be prepared to work a semi-regular schedule.

Proper Equipment

You should only apply to a chat job if you have regular access to high speed internet and a working computer. Some companies may have specific requirements for the type of hardware you will need to work for them.

Where to Look for Jobs

More and more companies are establishing an online chat option to their “Contact Us” page. This is an easy, convenient tool for customers to utilize which helps service ratings. It has been proven as an effective way to increase customer approval while lowering cost. This is discussed more in depth in this article by Provide Support, LLC.

With that being said, you can find customer service jobs by the droves. It is possible to find one on your own, but if you are planning to work as a chat rep, it is likely you will be working with a third-party provider.

Third-Party Providers

Many times you will not be directly hired by the company whose services you are dealing with. Like a call center, you will most likely be working for the third-party company that has been outsourced for chat center services.

Some of the most popular companies in this space are:

  • Apple at Home
  • Arise
  • Live Person
  • Needle
  • Talk 2 Rep
  • Televated
  • Weebly  

You can find a more in depth description of these of the top companies and more in this article by Dream Home Based Work. Arise, Talk 2 Rep, and Needle were also mentioned in this article by Work at Home Adventures as the top three Work at Home Chat Jobs.

Online Job Boards

Sometimes these boards can be difficult to weed through for work-from-home positions, but in this case they are actually quite helpful. If you use search terms like “online chat representative” or “online customer service representative” on sites like or, they will return some fairly reliable and accurate job listings.

As a matter of fact, even typing those search phrases into your search engine will return some decent results.


Being an online chat representative is just a new take on the old call center job. Most third-party providers will actually provide both chat and call center services. If you can deal well with people and have good communication skills, these might be great work-from-home job opportunities for you.